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Life is hard. Life is beautiful

I have always said “Life is hard. Life is beautiful.” A mantra that has shone true again and again.

Life can be what feels like perfect and then in a flash become so dauntingly difficult. It is in those times that I have learned to heal, comfort and to become a storyteller.

I am glad you are here and that you clicked your way to my page. It’s in writing and sharing where my healing began and where I have learned to be free of judgement. 

My hope is to inspire you.  To give you strength where you might feel lost and provide you comfort in knowing you are never alone.

About Me

Hi, I’m Shelley!

With my experience as a radio announcer and as a national speaker, trainer and accomplished coach, I love working with others. 

Connection is key; there is nothing more important than truly connecting, whether that is in a conversation or through the words I write or speak, I want to connect with you at a level that truly matters and help you to do the same.

My Story

My life turned upside down at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 when I was diagnosed with two different rare cancers, within days of one another. Two cancers that were unrelated but needed surgical treatments right away. One was called Adult Type Granulosa Cell Tumor Ovarian Cancer and the other is called Ductal Carcinoma in SITU Breast Cancer. With encouragement from my daughters, I began to share my inside thoughts in a blog that you will find here under the tab “#fcancer My Journey”.  These blog entries is where my writing journey began.  My hope was that you would be informed of my progress,  inspired, touched, educated and that those following would become a part of my tribe cheering my onto recovery. I also hope that if you found my page because you were searching the net for a human side to your diagnosis, you have found helpful answers to some of the questions keeping you up at night.

Classified as NED (no evidence of disease) from my ovarian cancer and cancer free from my breast cancer, I missed sharing my words. The transparency and connection that comes from writing is something I do not want to be free of. So, I continue to write and share and invite you along.

I hope I can make you laugh, cry and smile with me as I come out the other side wiser, stronger and disease free.

Thanks for being part of my tribe.


Notes From Shelley

My cancer diagnoses taught me that when we are not afraid to share what we are feeling and experiencing, we see one another so clearly. With my “Notes from Shelley”, I want to stay connected, sharing the challenges of daily life in an unblended family, and the musing of my puppy Stanley, who is sure to keep you entertained. As a mother of 3, stepmom of 3 and step-grandma of 3, surely there is wisdom to pass along from all of the lessons I continue learn.

There is also a life after cancer that no one really talks about; I will talk about that here. Overcoming a childhood in an alcoholic and abusive home continues to need healing and care. I want to talk and share those stories with you. Let’s be real and honest and hopeful.

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.

Not everyone sees or hears you the same way. It’s most comforting to be near those who really see you, as you are and accept you for that. I’m a pretty imperfect person. I am opinionated and sensitive. (Which is a bit of an oxymoron). I am kind and humble and at the same time can certainly be bold and […]

I see me.  All of me.

I see me. All of me.

It’s actually a bit surreal to me. Did all of that really happen? One year ago today, I had my bilateral mastectomy. I called it “Bye Bye Boobies” day. It was so much more than that. It was on that day, one year ago that in my heart I believe I became cancer free. The last of the deadly and […]

Thank you…

Thank you…

This what a Survivor with anxiety and Ativan looks like… and she did it. She looped her mind through every distraction she could, practiced her meditation, tried to regulate that first 7 minutes of breathing and she also knew she had all of you cheering her on, sending her good vibes and calm thoughts. She loves you, every damn one […]