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Shut Up and Dance with Me

Today has been a great day! I really want to write to you about the “in-between” days… so much happens in that space. I will, but not today. For now, I will just leave this little video Danika taped this afternoon, right here for you. 😊🙏🏻❤ I’m two surgeries down now, two more to go. Today the pathology from my […]

Dead air

If something ever happened in the studio that caused “dead air”, it was an absolute panic to get the next song or commercial on air. I remember the feeling when I worked as a radio announcer back in the late 80’s and 90’s. It maybe happened a handful of times, but the panic was enough to not let you easily […]

Those you walk with

Feb 6th today and the rest, nutrition, medications and mostly all of the thoughts, prayers and love from all over has me feeling much better. I still have my cough but nothing like a week ago. I will be heading into surgery on the 8th. Thank you for your love & kindness. I wanted to share this video with you. […]

Everyday, something changes

It is now February 1st, and although it hasn’t been long since my first post, it feels like weeks. I was originally scheduled to meet my gyn/onc on Jan 26th, which was a bummer because Paul and I had a trip planned to go the Manulife Elite conference in San Francisco for a year now and this past Summer our […]