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Thank you…

This what a Survivor with anxiety and Ativan looks like… and she did it. She looped her mind through every distraction she could, practiced her meditation, tried to regulate that first 7 minutes of breathing and she also knew she had all of you cheering her on, sending her good vibes and calm thoughts. She loves you, every damn one […]

781 days and 7 minutes

781 days and 7 minutes 781 days ago, I attended my first appointment with an oncologist. It was at that appointment that the first benign lump was found, however that is where the worry of that damned disease cancer began for me. There have been multiple surgeries, hospital stays, emergency visits, doctor visits (too many to count), dozens of diagnostic […]

Shine Volume 3

So excited to be talking about my first published writing. I’m officially a co author of a book called Shine Volume 3. I will be speaking about it this morning on CJOB 680 at 10:30 Winnipeg time with the awesome Tom Milroy. #survivingadversity #writingmystory #shine #amazonbestseller #cjob680— with Tom Milroy. https://www.amazon.ca/…/…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_h0aICbK6XJMK3.#shinevolume3