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A Few Steps Backwards

Thanks again for all the love. ❤️

A few steps backward.

The last week has had its unexpected challenges. A week ago I had a pain start in my low back that started dull and by Saturday night became acute. Along with it came abdominal pain and bleeding.
After a sunday CT scan, I was told that two 4-5 cm lobes showed on the scan. Ugh.
Dr Brar my gyne oncologist had me admitted and explained that what I had was a very rare complication of surgery where blood clots pooled in my abdomen after the surgery. The concern was that my bladder had possibly been nicked. A separate ct scan with a catheter ruled that out. I’m so glad, as I would have needed surgery again to correct that.
I am home now with morphine to help with the pain of the next while. Apparently these clots can take several weeks to rectify themselves.
I’m trying to stay positive and in good spirits, this has definitely been a setback. But, this too shall pass.

Resting for now,


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