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My Happy Place

Enjoying the beauty, peace, joy and generous amounts of laughter at Clear Lake. #myhappyplaceIt’s a great distraction from everything. So good for my soul. Three weeks without appointments is exactly what the Doctor ordered. #feelinggood#igotthis#clearlake#ridingmountainnationalpark#manitoba

At the pace of a turtle

I don’t drive slowly, walk slowly, talk slowly or think slowly…  I really don’t do much slowly, except maybe get out of bed in the morning, but boy do I feel like this healing and getting well process is SLOW. June started out with a great visit from Teresa and Rob while I was still struggling with so much nausea.  […]

Good JuJu

A sunny Saturday today. I’m appreciating all of the good juju sent my way. Wanted to just let you know that I had a good apt with my physiotherapist Susan who specializes in working with mastectomy patients. She said I am about a month ahead of myself in terms of my range of motion. This was fantastic news. I will […]

PINK, sort of

Look at all of these lovely ladies! I was so pleased to spend some time with them today before the concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great day today so just opted for a short visit before the concert and I sent Delia along in my place. I know she’ll have a blast with this gang! Enjoy Pink ladies. Love […]

Pathology Report Is Back

I didn’t know it was possible. I have been learning every step of this journey. One thing I have learned, that I didn’t think was possible, is that it is possible to be filled to the brim with love and prayers and thoughts and kind gestures like food, flowers, visits, cards and thoughtful gifts of things to do during recovery. […]

Where Fear Comes From

Well… I made it through surgery no problem and if I don’t say so myself, I think I am rocking this recovery! It’s Day 5 and I have managed my pain really well and am just using Tylenol now and the heavy hitters only at nighttime. I have learned to be still, to sleep when tired and to eat little […]