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Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue. I don’t think patient is a word that I would always use to describe myself. I mean, I am patient with kids and elderly and those in need for sure but I’m not always patient with other adults or situations. I’m sure learning though. This whole thing is proving to be about learning, growing, changing… and […]

A Few Steps Backwards

Thanks again for all the love. ❤️ A few steps backward. The last week has had its unexpected challenges. A week ago I had a pain start in my low back that started dull and by Saturday night became acute. Along with it came abdominal pain and bleeding. After a sunday CT scan, I was told that two 4-5 cm […]

Shut Up and Dance with Me

Today has been a great day! I really want to write to you about the “in-between” days… so much happens in that space. I will, but not today. For now, I will just leave this little video Danika taped this afternoon, right here for you. 😊🙏🏻❤ I’m two surgeries down now, two more to go. Today the pathology from my […]

Dead air

If something ever happened in the studio that caused “dead air”, it was an absolute panic to get the next song or commercial on air. I remember the feeling when I worked as a radio announcer back in the late 80’s and 90’s. It maybe happened a handful of times, but the panic was enough to not let you easily […]

Those you walk with

Feb 6th today and the rest, nutrition, medications and mostly all of the thoughts, prayers and love from all over has me feeling much better. I still have my cough but nothing like a week ago. I will be heading into surgery on the 8th. Thank you for your love & kindness. I wanted to share this video with you. […]

Everyday, something changes

It is now February 1st, and although it hasn’t been long since my first post, it feels like weeks. I was originally scheduled to meet my gyn/onc on Jan 26th, which was a bummer because Paul and I had a trip planned to go the Manulife Elite conference in San Francisco for a year now and this past Summer our […]

The start

The outpouring of love and concern has been overwhelming in the past few weeks since my diagnosis’. I am grateful for my dear family and friends. I’m feeling so loved and cared about which is for sure the upside. The downside is that the whole thing is very disruptive to all the current Day to Day plans you had in […]