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Notes From Shelley

The night before Bye Bye Boobies

Well, it’s the night before my bye bye boobies surgery, and I am feeling really positive and really strong. I’m feeling so much love and support and I am determined to Rock the shit out of this whole situation. Please pray for full eviction of this disease and a comfortable recovery. Lots of love, Shelley #igotthis  

Ms. Left

Just left cancercare hospital and although there is some thickening and density in the new lumpy, she is made of normal tissue so all is well in Ms. Left! One week today until surgery, I’m stopping at the greenhouse now and am going to fill my cart with goodness that will get my hands in my garden. Love to you […]

Today is a good day

My heart is full of all of your love and positive thoughts. I have always known I had the best friends… and I really do. ❤️ I wanted to say… in spite of everything, today has been a good day. Medical appointments aside, I started my day with meditation and prayers in the sun on the deck with Mischa and […]

What the hell is that?

I first searched “images of bilateral mastectomy with expanders” before I started to type tonight. I don’t recommend this search. I’m not sure what to write. My intention was to let to you know what I am now preparing for, but good lord… that is terrifying and if you don’t mind, I’m going to wait until I’m more prepared to […]


Good afternoon from Nashville! Paul has meetings here for the next few days and I am so happy to be feeling like my ol’self so that I could be here with him. I love Nashville… the boots, the buckles, the bands and the DANCING! I love the dancing. This is for sure the most distracted I have been so far […]

Dr. Dy… for real & Company!

Today is Thursday, March 29th and I am so happy to report that we are still in Palm Desert, CA enjoying the sun, beauty and warmth of a restful vacation. I was relieved to get an email on Tuesday this week from Michelle… she is the receptionist at my plastic surgeon, Dr MacAdam’s office. Dr MacAdam describes her as a […]