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Pathology Report Is Back

I didn’t know it was possible. I have been learning every step of this journey. One thing I have learned, that I didn’t think was possible, is that it is possible to be filled to the brim with love and prayers and thoughts and kind gestures like food, flowers, visits, cards and thoughtful gifts of things to do during recovery. My heart and soul have been filled with loads and loads of all of that! ❤

I can’t begin to tell you how much I believe in the power of my tribe, whichonce I reached out, actually turned out to be an army!

Yesterday, at 5pm I got the pathology report from my breast surgery on May 3rd from my GP. There was no invasive cancer, they removed all of the carcinoma and it looks like my chances of having to have any chemo or radiation to follow is about 5%!!!!
I see the oncologist on May 22nd where that will be confirmed.

God is good. 🙏🏻❤. The power of people loving you, sending thoughts and prayers and supporting you is so healing.

It’s easy to feel good when you get this kind of news, and I do feel amazing about that. I am also very realistic that I am still spending most of my days in a recliner with shorts walks to keep my strength up. I still have two remaining drains that continue to drain about 80ml of fluid off each of the surgical sites a day. And, I’m still dealing with medications to assist me with the pain.

I’ll be good and continue to recover slowly and safely, and putting myself and my health first.
BUT, I am going to spend a few hours this evening with my girlfriends who have all flown in from Brandon & Regina. They have been here for a couple of days now and I will meet up with them tonight and we will attend the Pink concert together as we have been planning for months and months.

When I left the hospital last Friday, Paul had pulled the car up to the front doors and then helped me in. As we were getting settled to drive away Pink’s song “Just give me a reason.” Came on. I thought then that it was a sign that I would be able to go! Today, and with yesterday’s news, I’m sure! It’s the perfect reason to celebrate.
I will be very careful… promise.
Alyx and Kenzie are going to bring me to meet up with the group and we will leave if for any reason that’s what I need to do. Promise.

Feeling so grateful!!! Fuck cancer.


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