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Sleep & Those Thoughts in my Head

Sleep & Those Thoughts in my Head

On Monday morning Paul and I flew to Palm Desert in California. We had booked our stay way back in August and really weren’t sure we’d end up getting here at all. I’m glad we did.
Our villa wasn’t ready when we arrived so enjoyed some lunch by the pool and by 3:30 that afternoon we headed to our room. I was in bed for a nap before 4pm and when I woke it was 8:39am… on Tuesday morning!
We came for rest and that’s my number one goal here. So for day one, I nailed it!
This morning I laid in bed and read until about 11am. Then I decided to ride along with Paul on the golf cart. A strange place to be. I think our favourite thing to do is golf together. This was, I suppose, the next best thing. The weather was super and the group of Canadian guys he teed off with were awesome.
I am going to get some blood work done while I am here. In Canada they don’t do blood markers for tumors. My GCT ovarian cancer is followed monthly in most every other country by a blood test that measures inhibin A & B as well as AMH. This cancer has a habit of reoccurring and after my last surgery they believe I don’t have any evidence of disease at this time. I’d like to get a baseline of these blood markers while I am here. At home I would have to pay for it as well and have the blood sent to a lab in Toronto or Montreal. From what I have read, I can just request and pay for them here at a lab. Will try to do that tomorrow.
Paul has a morning tee time booked. I have encouraged him to golf everyday if he likes. I’m focused on rest.
We are awaiting a call regarding my appointment date in Vancouver with the hematologist. Could be any day now. We are resigned to the fact that we’ll head home should that be scheduled before our trip is over.
In the meantime, I’m happy to be here. We come each March. It’s actually the first thing that kind of feels normal in awhile.
…It is quite amazing to me how hard it is to turn off the thoughts in my head.

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