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#Fcancer... My Journey
The running has stopped

The running has stopped

When I saw this quote it made me think of all the beautiful, supportive comments that have been posted on my Facebook blog.


Thank you for taking time to post. I have read each one and it gave me so much good, positive energy going into surgery on Wednesday.

I am home and have had at least one kitty or a Mischa dog close by at all times. Animals are so intuitive. 🐶😺😺 
Surgery went well(ish). It seems the objective of the surgery has been accomplished. Dr Wilkie, the expert and kindest most caring Doctor saw me this morning and said my healing is already ahead of most. The reason I say well(ish) is because something went wrong with my left hip during the operation. Dr Wilkie suspects a small bone chip or tear caused it to slip a bit and when I woke I was unable to walk on that leg at all. There have been two significant pops in the joint since then and at this point I can shuffle around a bit, in a granny way. 👵🏻. Hopefully, with the anti inflammatory meds and rest, it will settle down. 
So… I’m not running yet, but at least nothing is running down my leg either. 🤪
Lots of love,
Shelley 💕

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