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Those you walk with

Feb 6th today and the rest, nutrition, medications and mostly all of the thoughts, prayers and love from all over has me feeling much better. I still have my cough but nothing like a week ago. I will be heading into surgery on the 8th.
Thank you for your love & kindness.
I wanted to share this video with you. Lola and Ruby are my granddaughters. My family, on all levels is quite complicated, but really awesome just the same. Lola is my stepdaughter Jessica’s daughter and Ruby is Jessica’s stepdaughter. See, complicated… but so awesome! Even my estranged family that I grew up with is awesome in all of their own ways. I miss them, particularly now.
I believe that God puts all the people you need in your life when you need them most. Some are there to teach you lessons, some are there for you to teach and some simply to walk with you in your journey. I love when I get to walk along with Lola and Ruby. Here is a my favourite pic from the week. I didn’t get to go to Lola’s 2nd birthday party but had my own special visit with her after, which was awesome. The girls and Paul all sent me many snapchats and videos during the party so I felt like I was there, without the noise! 🙂
Watch how she grabs my hand at the end… that part just melts me


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